October 10, 2012

Meeting your Spirit guides: establishing a connection

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Establishing a connection with your guides takes time, patience, and trust

Many think that their relationship with their guides should be instant, the guide turns up and we know instinctively how to communicate, understanding perfectly what is said. For some people this might happen, but I am sure it’s very few of us that find things this simple. Our relationship with our guides is like other relationships, it needs to be built, we both need to learn how to work together, it’s a partnership.
Guides communicate with us in many ways, many expect a guide to talk to us as we would another person, this often happens but not until the partnership is established. The reason? Well if you started hearing voices in your head, you might think you are going through mental health issue, it can be frightening. Instead they start with the more gentle way of showing you signs, symbols , feelings.
This exercise is to start working on the connection, we will work on using symbols

1) You need to select a symbol, something that is important to you, but isn’t something you would normally see everyday. This symbol can be an animal, flower, or shape, anything really that pops into you head or has meaning to you.

2) Sit in a quiet place for a few minutes concentrating on the symbol, drawing it out on a piece of paper to cement this in your mind, alternatively find a picture of the symbol to focus on.

3) Ask your guide to show this symbol to you for the next week, as confirmation of his/her/its presence.

4) Everyday look at the symbol, if need be, redraw it each morning to focus your mind on it. Try and remember to keep your eye out for the symbol, you should see if every day, and sometimes multiple times. Aim to try and see it at least once a day.

5) make a note in the exercise one thread daily noting when and where you saw it, also make a note if you did not see it

Very important to understand that you might not see the symbol in the place you expect it, so if you pick an animal you often wont see if on a pavement/road or garden, so you have to widen your expectations, expect to see it everywhere.
Remember that you never fail; you just might not see it. We often spend much of our time on autopilot, and this helps us to start truly seeing again.


September 16, 2012

Soul connections – Astrology research

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I am currently doing research on how to find soul connections using astrology as a medium rather then delving into the akashic records. I also am looking at what transits apply to the creation and the progression of of the soul and who you connect with.

If you would like to take part in this research, please email me at:
email me

With the following:
Date of birth
Time of birth
Location of birth
Current location if different from birth location.

If you have or had a partner you believe to be a soul connection please let me know he date of meeting, and pivotal dates in your relationship, and their birth details if that’s possible

June 27, 2012

Lenormand Grand Tableau

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I have fallen in love….

I have fallen in love with something new, and it combines my love of cards with my love of astrology, Lenormand cards:)

I have been wanting to introduce you to my new love for awhile, but you know what it’s like in the first flush of love, you want to live in a bubble before you go public!

This spread is the Grand Tableau, or Grand Jeu, it uses all the cards and it shows everything that surrounds you, manifested in the physical or still just a glint in your eye. This is my summer GT so it will last until the autumn. I will be using this for my daily, weekly and add hoc draws, hopefully so you can see how rich the GT is. It can show you everything you need to know, you should not need to draw another card during this period (being a reader, that’s doubtful though).

You can use various time lines in a Gt it’s whatever you decide, I have tried many variations, and decided that a yearly GT and one per season is enough for me. You can use one for a general pull or have a subject to look at, I think that gt answers everything anyways so there isn’t a point having a question, it will answer it , wether you like it or not! I use this regularly in my professional readings, even using them to release energy blocks,or past life issues, or general year readings which this excels at. You can even use it for lifetime readings, or even soul readings, the possibilities are endless.

Over the next few months I will be using my gt to demonstrate how I use a gt, I won’t be talking much about how you read a gt generally, but I will include links to sites that have already explained it very well on their site. I tend to use and read a gt a bit differently so I will be showing how it can work in practice using my own method that links to astrology, and my other skills in my toolbag.

So I hope your ready to join me on this journey…

June 24, 2012

The obstacles are behind us

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I went away recently, and took to picture. I am not the worlds best photographer, but I like this picture, it looks peaceful, and happy. The scene is lovely, it’s a sunny day, surrounded by the river flowing smoothly, and mountains in the distance.

This is how I feel the picture is going to look from July, once we have Venus direct on 27th June, and Saturn on 25th. Since January when mars went retrograde, life has felt stagnant, like wading through mud. Sometimes the energy to act on the ideas I have had isn’t there, so the ideas sit there gathering dust. Obviously it’s not just mars contributing to this stagnation, but it is a big factor, mars is our energy and drive, our ambition, without it we often don’t act, we gather information but we don’t action the plan. It’s like having the page of pentacle without the ace of wands to kick start him, to light the fire below him.

It does feel like we haven’t yet started the year properly, we’re now in the summer months and even the weather isn’t convinced it’s time for the sun to come out yet, that’s why in the UK we have gale force winds and heavy rain for the past month. When the sun has come out, it’s only come out tentatively, like a crab that puts its head out, then quickly returns to safety as it doesn’t believe it’s time to come out yet. Hopefully the summer can start next week when saturn and Venus go direct,the sun can feel safe shining in us all.

The mountains are behind us, we have climbed to the top, slid down in an avalanche, and now we are at the bottom. Like the river we are moving forward in calm waters, but nolonger is this a solitary journey, we are ready to join with the ocean

That’s the most striking thing to me in this picture, the mountain we have been climbing for the past few years is starting to disappear into the background, and things are starting to flow, live the river in this picture, it’s calm and knows where it’s going.

Roll on the summer….

June 18, 2012

New Moon in Gemini -The sequel!

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As your aware, my current passion is learning predictive astrology, its amazing (which is my most over used word) and I can’t get enough of it. I am beginning to realise how different thought processes are sometimes, especially when learning or applying a new skill.

There is a New Moon in Gemini coming up tomorrow, when I think about this I immediately think about The Lovers card as this is ruled by Gemini, its also at 28 degrees which equals 10 in numerology and signifies culmination and completion. So now this is interesting because new moons themselves symbolise new beginnings usually, rather then the full moon which would be more about completion.

The sabian symbol for the new moon is : The first mockingbird of spring

Mockingbirds are similar to crows, ravens, and magpies in that they are highly intelligent. The mockingbird gets its name because it can mimic other birds to suit their needs, to attract or repel other birds, it understands the importance of how we communicate. The last new moon was also in Gemini at 00 degrees so at the start of Gemini:

the sabian symbol for 00 Gemini was: A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders

so now I am thinking the moon is about learning to communicate what we have learnt since the last new moon which was also a solar eclipse. So how do we find our own voice to attract or repel people? The fool symbolises the 0, its both the beginning and the end of the major arcana, very much like these two new moons.

The Lovers is telling us that the new moons are about choices, and with venus retrograde in Gemini, your looking at choices in love, what we love, what we value in ourselves and others. The house that Gemini falls in tells you more about where these choices in your life are occurring, for me its activating (very appropriately ) my 2nd/8th house axis, which is making me re-evaluate my needs and what I am willing to sacrifice or share with another.

To complicate matters further we have mercury the messenger and ruler of both Gemini and Virgo in the sign of Cancer, cancer the crab in the tarot is symbolised by the chariot card, so again themes of choices and duality. Mercury is our communication style, our mental processes and what we communicate.

New moons are about integration, the sun and the moon are together, they are merging, which is often symbolic of a relationship, this can be with self or with another. The moon is receptive, and therefore needs something to receive which is where the sun comes in, together they complete the process of conception. New moons are dark, it is too close to the sun to be able to see it, so often you don’t see anything happening straight away, because when a seed starts to geminate, the first thing to work on is its roots that are beneath the earth, its only later do we see the first shoots push through the earth.

This funnily enough brings us back to venus, how we all know venus rules the Empress card, and it’s an ideal card to symbolise fertility, she is after the conception and she is visibly ‘with child’, waiting for the child to be born, just like farmers get ready for the harvest. Since venus is still retrograde until 27th June, its likely that you might not see the seeds start to poke through until then, in time for the 3rd of July full moon to cast its light on the changes

So even without delving too far into my natal chart, I can tell a lot about what this moon is about, just by looking at the tools I already use such as numerology, tarot, and symbology. This is why I cant understand why people often only look at things in isolation, keeping everything in different boxes stops you utilising the skills\knowledge you possess already.

where do you need to intergrate or share?
Where and what do you need to communicate more effectively about your own needs?
What seeds are you sowing?

May 4, 2012

Swords and torches

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Sabian symbol link

Now you can’t fail to notice there is a full moon in Scorpio on Sunday morning at 04:45 GMT, it’s called a super charged moon because it is so close to the earth. Full moons are when the sun and moon are 180 degrees, or an opposition. Polarity is a word that comes to mind when I think about lunation’s as they involve two planets that can represent the masculine and the feminine. Essentially the lunation’s are about relationships, can be with others or it can be with self a they involve the coming together, and apart of two planets in continuous cycle.

Full moons have two different signs involved, here is its Taurus and Scorpio, one earth, one water, both are needed for something to be able to grow. I have recently been using sabian symbols, I am new to them and some are still beyond comprehension, but the one for taurus for this moon really summed up the full moon for me. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, I see Pluto with the torch, and mars with the sword. During this moon, they are going through to your soul, illuminating every nook and cranny, mars poised to cut away anything that is deemed ‘surplus to requirements’. Now this initially sounds good doesn’t it, until you realise that Pluto is going to be the one deciding what needs to go, not you. Pluto has the master plan as listed in your birthchart, it knows that you need and what isn’t needed, however we might beg to differ with him. Mars however is only taking the nod from Pluto, so regardless of what you want, he isn’t listening to you, the plan is set out and that must be followed.

There is also one other snag that might spoil this lovely image for you, pluto is looking at everything, not just what you choose to show him, he knows all your hidden spots…even that place no one else knows. We also have the beautiful Venus ruling Taurus, she likes things beautiful, serene, fertile, and basically picturesque. If something ugly spoils her scene, she simply hides it, no one wants to see an eyesore do they? She doesn’t get rid of it, as it might be handy one day, she simply stashes it out of sight so she can look out on the splendour of the world.

Now you can start to see a slight issue here, Venus in her need for beauty has hidden all the nasty looking things away, however Pluto and mars are not so interested in scenery, they want to get to the bottom of things, and remove anything that is impeding your progress. So Pluto and mars have stomped through her rose garden, digging up anything that doesn’t fit , regardless of how beautiful it appears to be…

if its not on the list, it’s not staying

Maybe Venus could stand this, until they go towards her stash of ugly things, the truck of which is busting at the seems. Here they have no problem opening it up and pulling everything out, they don’t just cut what needs to go, Pluto pulls in Venus to have a good luck at the unsightly things before they get rid of them for good, seeing these images shocks Venus to the core, and sadly she instructs Mars to cut them away.

So to me its not really a battle, it’s an alliance between the two forces, one armed with a torch of illumination, one with the sword of truth. It might be an uneasy alliance, but the swords and the torches for now are working together to help you to restore the balance for Venus.

What will team scorpio find when they peel the layers, whats hiding your soul?

April 22, 2012

Protection reloaded

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I decided to reload an old post, I was reminded important it is to be protected in your daily life yesterday. I was sat out in a cafe trying to write whilst powered by caffine, when I started to feel just a bit down, this seem to last for a long time, but was only about 30 minutes.

I don’t usually read for myself now, but decided to pull a few cards out since I had done myself a reading earlier. The cards I kept pulling seemed in contrast to the ones I had earlier, so I started to try and understand what was going on, why were these so different? In the midst of this it was getting hard to concentrate when a woman who was meeting her dad, started to cry, she subsided in a while, but it was hard to go back to what I was doing. After awhile I decided to go home, I was feeling confused and upset now so I left and made my way back.

On the way back I was feeling better, but still confused, not sure what to make of the reading, but I didn’t feel upset anymore. It wasn’t until this morning when I was writing in my journal, I realised that the confusion came around because I had ‘picked up’ the emotional state of the young woman, if I was doing a reading for someone else I would have noticed it very quickly because of the suddenness of the change in mood, but even though I sensed something wrong I didn’t take a moment to work out why that had changed. I also because the reading was for me and the new moon earlier in the day had left me feeling a bit spaced, I didn’t ground myself when I felt myself needing it. I was opened up spiritually because of the work I was doing, and I didn’t take enough care of my energy. I would never have done this if working on something for someone else, and usually I am much more aware…I am blaming the moon!

So when checking my blog this morning I thought the article on protection seemed very relevant, it’s a nice reminder to look after your energy, and also to take the same care working on yourself, that you do for others.

Protection has 3 main aims:

1) Protecting your energy, keeping it clean.

2) Keeping yourself physically safe.

3) To keep yourself hidden from undesirable energies/entities.

This is achieved with a multi-layered approach, and again this is not a ‘one hat fits all’ job, you need to find a way that works for you.

1) Protecting your energy, keeping it clean.

A prerequisite to this step, is that you need to be aware of your own energy field. If you don’t know ‘what is yours’ and ‘what is not yours’ it would be difficult to know if your energy is clean or not. Most people have heard of an Aura, also known as an Auric field. This is the energy field around us, it comprises of 7 Subtle bodies. Subtle bodies are our energetic doubles.

7- The Causal Body links to your Crown chakra and is purple

 6- The Spiritual Body-Brow/3rd eye chakra and colour is indigo

5- The Etheric-The Throat chakra and is blue

4- The Astral Body-Heart chakra and is green with a hint of pink

3- The Mental body—Solar Plexis and is yellow

2- The Emotional Body-Sacral chakra and is orange

1- Physical body- Root/Base chakra and is red

 The Causal body is the outermost layer of your Auric field, with the Physical body being the closest one to you. Each body corresponds to a chakra as listed above. The size of peoples aura’s varies, there is no standard size that your aura should be, it depends on you, and what you’re doing at the time. The main way you will be aware you have a large aura, is by how much of other peoples ‘garbage’ you pick up.

Have you ever been on a bus or a tube, feeling fairly fine, and the next moment your on the verge of tears? Ruling out any mental health issues, this is usually because you have picked up feelings from someone who is sat in the emotional layer of your aura. The same can apply with different layers, showing up in different ways, even physically (however they would have to be sitting extremely close to you, like on a packed tube/subway).

So basically the bigger your Auric field, the higher likely hood of picking up other peoples moods or other baggage, simply because the surface space is bigger. However, I must say that, there is always a risk of this happening, however small your aura is, its just a smaller risk. Some people who are very aware of their energy chose not to reign in their aura, they know when they pick up something that’s not theirs, and they discard it.

There are a number of ways to find out how big your aura is, you can ask spirit, you can look clairvoyantly, or you can ask someone to measure it for you (ask someone to walk towards you, until they ‘feel’ the energy change).

Its not an exact science, there are no measurements that are correct for your auric field, its up to the individual to find out what is comfortable. The best way to pull in or expand your aura is simply by your intention, you think you are pulling it in, or expanding it, and you will do so. In the beginning its always good to have a visualisation to make it easier, you can see it as a balloon that you blow into to expand, or you let air out to contract the aura. The visualisation is personal to you, play with different visualisations and see which one is effective for you.

Add this to something you do daily, after your ground yourself. Keep a record of the visualisation, how effective you felt it was how you felt during the day. Try different sizes of aura until you find something that feels right, this will be personal to you, once you start doing the visualisations you will become more aware of your energy.

To clean your energy, again it’s a visualisation you need, and the intention. Here are some ideas :

-See yourself painting your aura with white paint.

-See yourself under a waterfall of white cleansing light

 -See a Pac Man running round your aura eating anything that shouldn’t be there.

Tip: To clean your aura, why not clean it in the shower? Visualise water as white cleansing light, and when you wash yourself, think of this as also cleaning your aura…it saves time, and is very effective.

2) Keeping physically safe.

It goes without saying that you must carry some of the responsibility to keep physically safe, you can’t expect spirit to do everything for you. One part of this, is grounding, if you need further information on this, see the grounding article posted previously.

3) To keep yourself hidden from undesirable energies/entities.

When I first started out, I read everywhere that I needed to visualise a golden dome of protection to keep me safe, however I have since learnt that this tends to make you look like a Christmas tree to all the entities you don’t want to attract, you stand out more and makes you a bigger target. The trick is to be invisible to what you don’t want to see you, if they can’t see you, they won’t attach themselves to you, so camouflage is the key.

You need to find a visualisation that works for you, and something that feels real enough for you to be able to see it in your mind. I have nicked an idea from an old tutor, I see myself getting dressed in a space suit, which is like an adult baby grow so everything is covered, I put on the helmet, and then I wrap a dark cloak around me, putting the hood up. I find visualisation difficult, so when I started, I used to say to myself as I was getting dressed that I was putting on my space suit, seeing the actions of getting dressed made it easier for me.

The basic principals of this are:

-Remember to cover yourself completely; don’t forgot your hands ,you’re soles of your feet, and your head.

-Pick a dark colour to cloak yourself in.

-Select something that makes you feel safe, makes you feel protected. If you want to wear a suit of armour do it, because it will make you feel safe (just put a cloak over it), imagery is very important.

April 13, 2012

Everythings a circle

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Well I have been away, I was called by other interests so I fell away from tarot for a bit, and now I am back. I have mainly been picking up my astrology studies again, but this time on predictive work.

I have always been interested, but never really managed to make things stick in my head, I knew the words but they didn’t mean anything to me. It wasn’t until I started to look at astrology differently, things clicked into place. I originally looked at the transits of the planets individually:

Planet A conjuncts Planet B=???

which is great, if you know what the ?? represents, which i didnt.

It wasn’t until I changed my methods I found a breakthrough in my study, and since then its been like a trine, all downhill (sorry had to bring in an astrology joke!). I was looking at everything in isolation, a bit here, and a bit there. I started to think about when I first started learning tarot, I tried for years to get things to click. I brought all the books I could find, I tried different decks, even when the internet became accessible It wasn’t a great deal of use to me.

I really thought if I heard one more tarot reader tell me “you should be reading your own cards, you don’t need me to read them for you..” I would hit them, I am not a violent person, but I was just frustrated by not being able to figure this out.

Finally I decide to give it up, and look for a class, however it would have to be cheap because at that time I wasn’t flush with money. I wasn’t holding out hopes because most of the courses were too expensive, but to my surprise I found a lady who was running a course for a bargain. Thankfully she was for real, and we got on well, and I got to have one on one tuition for 8 weeks. Anyways , I digress…

What I learnt mainly wasn’t about the meaning of the cards, it was about seeing the whole picture, rather then the cards in isolation. Class 1 was all of the major arcana laid out on a table, I had never really looked at all the cards in that way, but I started to notice the journey, there was a cycle, one card related to the others, it started to MAKE SENSE!

From then on I was able to pick the rest up fairly easily, all the information that I had read, bubbled up the surface and so it wasn’t wasted, it just wasn’t the time to be utilised.

The same thing happened with astrology, I changed the books I was reading, from psychological astrology books, to more spiritual based books, were the emphasis was more about the journey of the soul, transitions. The concept of astrology being an unfoldment of your true self resonated with me, and reminded me of the ‘Fools Journey’, this brought a new dimension to what astrology was about for me.

I dusted off some of the books I had brought but hadn’t got into previously, and the writing appealed to me, more and more I started to look at astrology as a whole. Now I realised that my thinking about transits in astrology was previously misguided, I wanted to learn astrology to get the heads up on the stuff that might bite me on the ass.

However, the more I read, the more I understand that transits don’t happen to you, they are transitions, transformations, movement. If a transit happens to you, its because your not aware, you not listening to the universe so the transit is a wake up call.

Cycles continue going round, the wheel always turns, it never stops. Spreads are like this, if you do a spread and you are shocked about the cards that turn up. How aware of the situation are you?

The cards shouldn’t be a surprise, they should confirm your thoughts, if there is a big gap between your perception and the cards, perhaps it’s a time to look at the situation as the Hanged Man would do, asking yourself why you didn’t see this coming. Things always brew up, they have a start, middle, and end, if your only aware at the end part you have missed much of the build up.

We were out at a tarot do recently, it’s a bit of a social event, tarot, wine, food, discussion (all in that order). A man saw the cards and came towards us, he wanted to ask questions about his friend, now the question I think was a great one:

“My friend is a tarot reader, why did his business fail…”

It’s a bit like asking the clairvoyant who got run over, why didn’t she see the car before the event happened?

Because she didn’t look for it, it’s that simple.

Are you aware of what part of the journey you’re on?

Where are you in your natal chart?

Are you letting things happen to you, are you resisting the movement of the cycle?

April 15, 2011


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Always remember that the cards will tell you what you should know, not what you always exactly asked. Do the cards always answer the question asked? This is a question people often ask, this is usually one of the first things you start to think about when starting to read for others. Often you will have a spread that say is full of pentacles for a question about love, or perhaps cups for a work question.

Well the definitive answer is….yes, no, maybe, sometimes part of it.

There is no definitive answer really, Suits- in reality there are only guidelines to what the cards refer to, and even this is flexible/. Pentacles are mainly seen as financial cards, often people fail how this can apply to a reading that is outside of these subjects. In reality Pentacles/Coins are really about resources, and yes resources can be money, but they also can be about time spent, effort vs reward. Once you change your perspective of the card you can then apply it to many others types of situations, easy huh?

Well again, yes/no/maybe…

 Sometimes we get a reading and the Pentacles/Coins in a reading that isn’t about finance, but really its asking you to look at the financial implications in the situation you are in, and the decisions you make relating to the subject asked about. Now it’s a piece of cake now isn’t it?

Again, yes/no/maybe….

You can have a reading with the same Pentacles/Coin cards, and the link is even more obscure, both examples so far have been relatively easy to link back to the essence of the card, but if the link is a few times removed it gets harder. What if your asking about a night out, a party your going to, and you get the 5 of pentacles, you start worrying that perhaps its too expensive, or that transport might not be easy to find on the way home, and you will literally be left out in the cold. So now you are rethinking going to the party, even though your bank account is fairly full.

If you do go, you might simply find that the card related to the fact you went out, it was in a converted church, it was cold outside, but once inside the place and the people were warm, so warm you didn’t pay for your drink s all night. On the way home you notice the two homeless people that you saw on the way in, you thought about giving them change, but didn’t, on the way out you realise that you saved money because of other peoples hospitality, you pull out the £20 (you would have spent on drinks), giving it to the people outside, sharing your gain with them. Ultimately you had a 5 of pentacles/coins moment, but the link to the question was obscure. And here is the kicker, sometimes it have nothing to do with the question/situation/issue enquired about., its drawing attention to a more urgent matter that needs to be dealt with.

So the answer is always yes/no/maybe

I know some readers do believe that the cards always answer the question, but I don’t believe that because I don’t believe we control the universe, so therefore we can’t control the message that’s needed for the client, or ourselves.

Reading cards is not a power trip, it’s an empowerment trip.

March 30, 2011

My Love Pack affair

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I recently was going through some boxes I had in storage, and one such box was full of tarot books, and surprisingly a few tarot and oracle decks I had forgotten about, one of those decks was The Love Pack by Chuck Spezzano. When I first got this, I did a few testing spreads on myself to check that they work for me, and also to learn how to use them. The results were a bit hard to swallow at first, in fact I didn’t really want to acknowledge exactly how close to the bone it was at first, but it was spot on.

These cards different from many oracle or tarot cards in the fact they have suits, but these are not all the same quantity. These come from a psychological point of view, but encompass spirituality too.

There are 4 suits: Grace Healing Luck Problem Most of the spreads ask you to pull a card for each question area, if you pull a problem card, you accept the issue, you release it, letting go of that problem. You then pull another card, repeat the process until you get to a grace/luck/healing card which shows the gold at the end of the rainbow really, what releasing and letting go of those issues will result in.

Example: Q)How does the person think/feel about commitment?

A)Betrayal->Infidelity->Bad choices->Self-Worth

From this I can see that the sitter feels that commitment leads to betrayal, their trust is broken because the person the pick cheats on them so it’s a constant worry. Bad Choices here says that the person is caught in a cycle of picking the people that cheat on them, because of low self esteem, by realising this cycle they can choose to work on themselves to achieve the Self-Worth. This is a case of Law of Attraction, they believe they will always get cheated on, so the people that they do attract are exactly what they expect to get, this then reinforces what they believe. If this person works on their self worth, they will then expect more from a person, so the person they will attract will change.

The major joy with these cards are the simplicity, the pictures are illustrate clearly what the card is called, the card names are also simple. There is no ambiguity, it means what it says, and the picture drums it home. There is no escaping, or hiding from what these cards say, you know when you look at the card how it applies to you, there aren’t a 101 different meanings, you can’t make it fit what you want to hear. There lies its unpopularity within the tarot community, the lack of ambiguity allows things to be seen with clarity, all your issues are laid out there in black and white.

Many people including tarot readers do not want things spelled out for them, hiding behind the various meanings of a tarot card acts as their shield, they do not wish to be naked and vulnerable. If your asking about relationship potential, these will spell it out very clearly in black and white what baggage/issues are on both sides, which is good if you want the truth, but not good for deluding yourself, it breaks unrealistic dreams.

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